The Best Gifts For Vegans [2020]

Finding gifts for vegans isn’t always easy. It can be extremely time consuming to do the research and find gifts that do not contain animal products. Everything on our list is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Our vegan gift guide is here to help you find unique gifts that the vegan in your life will love.

Vegan Fashion Gifts

Veganism goes beyond just food. Most people who consider themselves vegan also avoid any animal products in things they buy. Vegans avoid clothing with wool, down, and leather. Before you buy that beautiful scarf, bag, or jacket for your vegan friends and family, double check the labels to make sure they don’t contain anything from an animal.

Cruelty-Free Vegan Gifts

Great gifts for vegans are also cruelty-free. Many mainstream beauty products are tested on animals before they can be sold to the public. I always double check any product I recommend to make sure it is not tested on animals!

Zero Waste Vegan Gifts

Many people choose a vegan lifestyle because they want to reduce their impact on the environment as well. Try to purchase from companies going zero waste, using recycled materials, or reducing their environmental footprint in some way. It’s so nice to receive a gift that is vegan, cruelty-free, and low waste!

DIY Gifts for Vegans

Who doesn’t love making something useful with their own two hands? If you’ve got someone on your list who loves arts and crafts (or simply loves to make) these vegan gifts will get them diving into a new project right away.

Vegan Cheese Making Kit

Give the gift of vegan cheese! Urban Cheese craft creates these awesome kits with everything you need to make your own vegan mozzerella, chedar, and ricota. Wrap up a portion and take it with you on the road or pack it on the trail for a mid-hike snack. 

Urban Cheese Craft – Dairy-free Kit – $50

Flower Press Kit

Nature walks are the best and it’s fun to preserve a bit of the trail along the way. This would be a great gift for the aspiring botanist. I can only imagine kids would be super excited about this one as well. Textures Factory makes several DIY kits that would make great gifts for vegans.

Flower Press Kit – $47

Handpoke Tattoo Kit

This high quality stick and poke tattoo kit from Manifesto Works includes everything you need to give or receive a rad tattoo safely. One kit is suitable for ONE person. So if you want to get BFF matching tats, be sure to buy two! We contacted the company to make sure all ink and supplies are indeed vegan – they responded immediately to reassure me that it is!

Handpoke Tattoo Kit $50

Indigo Shibori Kit

Have you noticed I have a thing for crafty DIY projects yet? Well here’s another! Indigo Shibori is very popular right now and these kits make it easy to try out this ancient Japanese dyeing technique. The kit has enough dye to create up to 15 pieces, which would make this an awesome gift for a big group.

Indigo Shibori Kit $55

Outdoorsy Gifts for Vegans

The best outdoor gifts for vegans will make their experience outside more comfortable or more luxurious. All of the gifts on our list do just that! Each of these gift ideas are sure to have them dreaming of their next adventure.

Green Goo Outdoor Adventure Kit

Green Goo is an awesome company that makes earth-friendly, cruelty-free outdoor adventure staples. The outdoor adventure kit makes the perfect gift set for the wilderness lover. It comes with high quality bug-spray, First Aid Salve, lip balm, and hand sanitizer.

Outdoor Adventure Kit $24

Vegan Hiking Socks

It can be difficult to find quality hiking socks that are not made of wool. These Coolmax socks by Darn Tough are durable and breathable. Plus they come in cool retro colors!

Darn Tough Coolmax Hiking Socks $21

Camelbak Daystar Hydration Pack

For those who love long day hikes, the daystar hydration pack is an ideal gift. The pack holds 16 liters of water and it’s even made from post-consumer recycled materials. The fit is women’s specific but they have a men’s version as well.

Daystar Hydration Pack $90

GoSun Portable Solar Oven

At first glance this portable oven looks like something from the future. It requires no fuel and it can cook most meals in under 20 minutes. GoSun has full line of solar ovens. The portable design is lightweight and our first choice for backpacking adventures.

Go Sun Portable Solar Oven $139

Camelbak Stainless Steel Insulated Camp Mug

Nothing is better than a piping hot drink early in the morning. It’s even better when you can enjoy said drink for more than five minutes. This insulated mug is wonderful for morning coffee in the mountains.

Horizon Camp Mug $25

Solar light

This solar light would make any outdoor enthusiast happy. This is a flash light that doubles as a power bank. It has several settings (including red strobe for emergencies) and it has a magnetic bottom which allows it to act as a lantern.

Solar Light $29

Eno Hammock

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for an outdoorsy partner? The Eno Hammock is large enough for two while being lightweight, making them ideal for backpacking. These hammocks are made of high-strength nylon and are durable enough for everyday backyard relaxation.

Eno Hammock $70

Vegan Gift Baskets & Boxes

When you can’t decide on just one gift these vegan gift boxes are your best friend. There are a ton of monthly subscription boxes out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to our top three. These are great gifts for those who are far away or if you just don’t have time to wrap. They already come in pretty boxes! You can choose to buy a single box or get a subscription and give all year-round!

Tea of the Month Gift Box

A hot cup of tea will get anyone through the cold winter months. This tea box comes with 4 varieties of organic loose leaf teas and a reusable tea infuser. They’ll think of you every time they curl up with a warm cuppa!

Organic Tea Box $19

All-Natural Self-Care Box

A 100% vegan and cruelty-free gift box that will calm and align your spirit. The box includes several self-care essentials like bath salts, handcrafted soap, and organic masks. The perfect gift box to help them rest and reset after the holidays!

Merkaela Vegan Wellness Box $68

Louisville Vegan Jerky Box

We’ve been fans of Louisville Vegan Jerky for a very long time. Finally it can be delivered to us every month in a variety of flavors! Even non-vegans love this stuff. Vegan Jerky delivery sounds like an amazing gift.

Louisville Vegan Jerky Box $30

Dear Sundays Vegan Nail Polish Kit

Dear Sundays is a 100% vegan company and all of their products are non-toxic. The self care box includes 3 beautiful shades of polish and their awesome soy-based polish remover.

Dear Sundays Self Care box $90

Wellness Gifts for Vegans

We often don’t give ourselves enough time to focus on our mental and physical wellness. Why not give someone a gift that will allow them to do just that! These are our favorite vegan gifts that will allow them to relax and reset.

Goldmine Supershroom Powder

Mushroom powders have become very popular lately for good reason. They are full of immunity boosting and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The powder can be added to coffee, any plant milk, or even water. All ingredients are certified organic and vegan!

Goldmine Supershroom powder $28

Bathing Culture Vegan Soap & Bodywash

Bathing Culture is a company with zero-waste values and their products have a gorgeous earthy scent of redwood forests. The products are made with all natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and essential oils. They sell bathing bundles that would make an excellent gift!

Bathing Culture vegan body wash $35

Balsam Fir Soy Candle

Vegan Soy candles are a wonderful gift for just about anyone. This Balsam Fir candle from Boon Supply has a 45 hour burn time, burns clean, and is environmentally friendly.

Balsam Fir Vegan Soy Candle $26

Terracotta Detox Scrubber

We love this fish-shaped detox body scrubber. Terracotta is a wonderful earth clay with a texture that will gently exfoliate the skin. It would make for a great stocking stuffer or bundled with your favorite bodywash.

Bathing Culture Terracotta Scrubber $20

Moon Dust Sampler Pack

What is Moon Dust? These are samples of different formulas made from organic herbs, minerals, and adaptogentic plants. They can be added to any nut milk, hot water or tea, and even smoothies. Each powder nourishes a different aspect of your being to help reduce environmental stress.

Moon Dust Sampler Pack $35

Space Mask

This self-heating eye mask is filled with jasmine and natural iron minerals that react with the airs oxygen to gently warm your eyes and face. This mask creates a spa-like experience that will help to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.

Space Mask $25

Vegan Bags, Purses, and Backpacks

Weather it’s a daypack for hiking or an over-sized tote, we love a sturdy vessel to haul all of our essentials. These vegan purses and backpacks are stylish and great for everyday use. This is the kind of gift that gets used everyday and will last a lifetime. Plus you can use the bag as a kind of gift basket and fill it with a few extra vegan goodies.

Vegan Leather Tote

This super soft Vegan leather bag is the perfect everyday “catch-all” bag for someone on the go. Made by Boon Supply, they are committed to environmentally conscious products and part of your purchase will go to a cause of your choice! So cool.

Vegan Leather Tote $44

Canvas & Cork Backpack

This is a great backpack for casual hikes, as a daily commuter bag, and as carry-on when traveling. The backpack is made from medium strength canvas and is water resistant. The cork material is much like leather, but animal friendly. The cork even wears similar to the way leather would over time. Sakka Handmade has a fully vegan line of fanny packs, purses, and backpack. Check them out!

Canvas & Cork Backpack – $100

Vegan Leather Purse

We love this compact and convenient vegan leather crossbody purse. The gold zip closure and the leather tassel detail make it perfect for any occasion. Another gift they will use again and again!

Vegan Leather Crossbody Purse $38

Vegan Leather Lunch Box

How awesome is this vegan lunch box? We love the beautiful design and bright colors. A great gift for anyone who loves to bring their own lunch to work everyday.

Vegan Leather Lunch Box $26

Fjallraven Kanken Day Backpack

This backpack is one that will never go out of style The classic shape and design works for any occasion. Great for a long day out or even a day hike in the woods.

Fjallraven Kanken Day Pack $79

Gifts for the Eco-conscious Vegan

Most vegans are very eco conscious, but not all of us have these cool zero waste starter kits that are so popular right now. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite eco-conscious gifts that would make a lovely environmentally friendly gift for anyone in your life!

Zero Waste Cutlery Set

Often a the vegan and zero waste lifestyle go hand-in-hand. A reusable utensil set is a great addition to any outdoorsy vegan’s camping and hiking kit. This set I like in particular for its pack-ability and simple design. Spruce and Pine has many zero waste kit designs so check out the store to find your favorite!

Zero Waste Cutlery Set $26

Sustainability Gift Set

Replace single use plastics with these everyday essentials. The kit includes A beautiful printed reusable grocery bag, bamboo straws, and a silicone stasher bag.

Sustainability Gift Set $30

Vegan Enamel Pins

These adorable pins add that vegan flair to any backpack. Grab a handful of these over at iheartavocado for your vegan friends and get one for yourself while you’re at it.

Vegan Enamel Pins $12

Zero Waste Starter Gift Set

This set comes in three different sizes that include multiple zero waste supplies. The small set includes a bamboo toothbrush, market bags, and a utensil kit. You can even include a custom message inside the box!

Zero Waste Starter Set $45

Cook Book Gifts for Vegans

There are literally thousands of vegan recipes online but nothing is better than picking out a meal from an actual cook book. Vegan cooking has come a very long way in the past few years. These vegan cook books make the perfect gift for vegans who love spending time in the kitchen.

Vegan 100 by Gaz Oakley

We love every recipe from Gaz Oakley! He has a popular Youtube channel that has evolved into a series of cook books. Vegan 100 has a huge variety of amazing vegan meals like fish and chips to chocolate tarts. A must have staple for every vegan kitchen!

Vegan 100 $24

Defensive Eating With Morrissey by Joshua Ploeg

A Morrissey themed vegan cook book. Do we have to say anything more? There are over 100 recipes in this gem, but the real draw is the humor and cleverness within the writing. If you have a Morrissey fan in your life, they will appreciate the obscure references within.

Defensive Eating With Morrissey $14

Vegan Cheese by Jules Aron

Gone are the days of weird vegan cheese! These recipes will make you fall in love with plant-based cheeses again. You’ll find recipes for cheese made of zucchini, tofu and nuts. These recipes are straight forward and easy to follow. Give the gift of vegan cheese!

Vegan Cheese $21

The Vegan Instant Pot by Nisha Vora

Do you know someone who has an instant pot but doesn’t really know how the heck to use it? This book will make instant pot cooking their new favorite way to cook. Nisha from Rainbow Plant Life has created a beautiful cookbook for of amazing vegan recipes that are easy and delicious! We are also big fans of her Youtube channel.

The Vegan Instant Pot $17

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. by Laura Miller

You don’t have to be on a RAW vegan diet to enjoy each and every recipe in Laura Millers beautiful book Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. Not only are the recipes delicious, the book is also includes a wonderful biography from Laura about her journey with body image and vegan food. This vegan cook book is perfect for any vegan who is curious about the raw diet or would like to experienment with new and interesting recipes.

Raw. Vegan. Not Gross. $14

Recycled and Reversible Wrapping Paper

Boon supply has a whole line of cute wrapping paper for any occasion that is 100% recycled.

100% Recycled Wrapping Paper $12

What are the best vegan gifts you’ve given or received? Let everyone know in the comments below. I would love to add readers suggestions to this list! Also, check out my Vegan Outdoor Shop for more Vegan gift ideas.

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