The Best Vegan Winter Boots

Finding a quality pair of vegan winter boots can be tricky. There seems to be hidden leather features or strange animal-based glues in almost every pair of boots out there. However, there is a growing demand for vegan, cruelty-free winter boots these days, and many companies are now offering certified vegan products. I’ve found several vegan boots to share with you that will hold up through the depths of winter.

What Makes Winter Boots Vegan?

Vegan winter boots are made with 100% synthetic materials and in some cases they are made with plant-based elements. If the boots you’re eyeing seem to be vegan but are not advertised as such, it’s a good idea to check with customer service and ask if they can guarantee the boots are in fact vegan. Although it’s rare, some shoe companies will use adhesive that contains animal by-products. Look for shoes that use a synthetic glue like PVA.
Some vegans will only purchase boots from shoe companies that are fully vegan, while others will buy from a company that offers only a few vegan options. Personally, I will buy a vegan certified boot from a company whose products aren’t 100% vegan. I like to think buying the vegan option drives demand and sends a message that carrying vegan shoes and boots is good for business.

Are Vegan Winter Boots Waterproof?

Many vegan winter boots are waterproof! In fact, most on my list below are fully waterproof. It is fairly simple to create a waterproof casing with the synthetic materials that vegan products are made of. Not only are they waterproof, but the synthetic materials are also resistant to abrasive wither elements like road salt.

What are the Best Vegan Winter Boot Brands?

I love when I stumble upon a company that has stylish products AND is completely vegan. It’s like a breath of fresh air when you can easily shop without having to meticulously read the fine print. To me these are the best brands to purchase from. Some companies have specific vegan designs and advertise these products as such, which is another great option. Then, some happen to be “vegan by accident” in which they are not advertised as vegan but are free of animal products. Below is a chart of just a few vegan winter boots that I personally liked for their quality, style, and materials.

Alice + WhittlesThe Weekend BootWater-Resistant$$$
HunterOriginal Tall BootYes$$
NativeJimmy CityliteYes$$
Moon BootLow WinterYes$$$
BogsSnowday TallYes$$$
FairComfy BootNo$$$

Alice + Whittles – Weekend Boot

These Boots by Alice and Whittles are vegan AND virgin plastic-free! That means the plastic has been recycled and repurposed. In this case the plastic has been collected from trash in the ocean. The weekend boot is water resistant, non-slip, and it has a cozy synthetic wool liner to keep you feet warm in cold temps. I love the style of these boots the most. Check out their entire vegan + sustainable line of shoes!

Alice + Whittles – The Weekend Boot $200

Hunter – Original Tall Boot

Hunter is not a vegan specific company, however most of their shoes are vegan. In fact, you can check out an entire web page on their site dedicated to all of their vegan certified products. I like the Original Tall boot because you can literally walk through a swamp in them and not get your feet soaked! The are not insulated, but a thick pair of socks should do trick. They offer several different design variations of this same boot in many different colors.
Hunter Original Tall Boot – $150

Native – Jimmy Citylite

Native is based out of Vancouver, BC and is a 100% vegan company! Which makes me love the Jimmy Citylite even more. It’s a boot that I would love to wear in town and on an easy trail. Theses boots are waterproof and the rubber outsole provides great traction. The brand uses recycled materials whenever possible and has a shoe recycling program to help communities in need.
Native Jimmy Citylite – $110

Native – Lhotse

Another Native boot! Admittedly, this boot is not useful when climbing mountains, but I definitely want to rock these at camp. They’re kinda like uggs… but way better. These are totally recycled and 100% vegan. Native collaborated with vegan brand Save The Duck to create these cozy boots. They’re water resistant and feature a faux fur liner. Get them in navy or bright yellow!
Native Lhotse Boot – $135

Moon Boot – Low Winter

These Moon Boots were originally created in the 1970s by Italian brand Tecnica Group. They were a popular apres ski shoe to wear while chillin’ in the snow. The Apollo 11 moon landing was the big story of the times and these were made to capitalize off of the space obsessed. Known for keeping feet extremely warm and dry, these are are also 100% vegan. Again, you wouldn’t want to climb around on a mountain in theses, but they’re great for daily wear!
Moon Boot Low Winter – Find pricing at REI

Northside – Bradshaw

Northside is a relatively small boot company based in Washington state. I found a few boots on their website that are advertised as vegan, and most of their products appear to be made with faux leather and faux fur. They have some awesome designs, but I liked this Bradshaw boot most. They remind me a bit of Sorels (which unfortunately are not 100% vegan). The Bradshaw is 100% waterproof and super durable.
Northside Bradshaw – $70

Bogs – Snownights

Bogs boots are all vegan except for a few styles that specifically mention leather features. Still warm at 20 below and fixed with plush cushion sole, these boots are built for ultimate comfort. The drawstring laces make them super easy to slip on and get out the door (or tent). 100% waterproof and built to last!
Bogs Snownights – $120

Bogs – Snowday Tall

More Bogs! The Snowday is a taller, sleeker version of the Snownights. Theses boots are also 100% waterproof and feature a cozy fleece lining. At -20 Fahrenheit, these bad boys will still keep your toes toasty!
Bogs Snowday Tall – $120

Fair – Comfy Boot

Fair is a 100% vegan company based in Portugal. The brand is more fashion focused and less on the great outdoors, but I still love the comfy boot. They’re made from PVA-free materials and manufactured in a CO2-free facility. You can feel good buying and wearing these boots!
Fair Comfy Boot – $175

Kamik – Canuck

When your ready to stop messing around with fashion forward boots and get into some serious snow, look no further than the Canuck boot by Kamik. The company is based in Canada, and if anyone knows about winter its the Canadians. Plus they make many of their boots out of recycled materials and they have their very own recycling program. The Canuck (and several other designs) are vegan certified.
Kamik Canuck – $95

There are many vegan winter boots out there so let me know which ones I missed! What vegan boots do you wear in the winter? Let everyone know in the comments below. I will be updating this post every few months with reader suggestions!

FAQ About Vegan Winter Boots

Are Sorel Winter Boots Vegan?

I contacted their customer service to ask if any of their boots are vegan. I was told by a representative that their adhesive is made with animal by-products.

Are Bean Boots Vegan?

Bean boots (or Duck Canvas Boots) where made popular by L.L.Bean. I contacted the company and asked if they had any vegan boots at all. The representative said many of their boots include leather features and many of their duck canvas boots have Leather in the eyelets of the lace holes.

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