Your Guide to Vegan Sunscreen

Lately I’ve been diving into the world of vegan sunscreen to find the brands that seem to go above and beyond when it comes to quality and environmental friendliness. There are many “vegan” sunscreens out there, but are they also cruelty-free? Are they non-toxic to humans and marine life? Are they some, but not all…


The Best Gifts For Vegans [2020]

Finding gifts for vegans isn’t always easy. It can be extremely time consuming to do the research and find gifts that do not contain animal products. Everything on our list is 100% vegan and cruelty-free! Our vegan gift guide is here to help you find unique gifts that the vegan in your life will love….


The Best Vegan Winter Boots

Finding a quality pair of vegan winter boots can be tricky. There seems to be hidden leather features or strange animal-based glues in almost every pair of boots out there. However, there is a growing demand for vegan, cruelty-free winter boots these days, and many companies are now offering certified vegan products. I’ve found several…


The Best Women’s Hiking Shorts 2020

We’ve all been there, searching for the perfect women’s hiking shorts for our adventure, and finding nothing but uninspiring colors and drab styles. We all have different tastes, but I’ve gathered a few styles that I personally love, and I think you will too! These styles go beyond the typical bland hiking shorts and give…


The Best Vegan Deodorants (That Actually Work!)

Spending time indulging in nature can give us the freedom to ditch the make up, the hair products, and all the unnecessary grooming supplies we typically use on a daily basis. However, sometimes a good vegan deodorant can make a sweaty hike and enclosed spaces (like a tent) a bit more enjoyable… for everyone. Thankfully…


The Best Vegan Hiking Boots

After diving head-first into veganism 5 years ago, I began slowly replacing my non-vegan hiking and backpacking gear. The first item I searched for was a great pair of vegan hiking boots. However, I soon realized it would be tough to find quality boots that were also vegan. There always seemed to be a bit…


Are Marshmallows Vegan?

Sitting around a campfire, roasting marshmallows, and crafting a perfectly gooey s’more is a staple activity of the modern camping trip. Before you start roaming the woods for the perfect roasting stick, you stop and ask yourself are marshmallows vegan? The answer: No, traditional marshmallows are not vegan. They are made with gelatin, the substance…